We want to make mobility enjoyable again. Better utilise previous offers. And free cities of massive flows of traffic.

e.GO Mover sully electric minibuses comfortably offer space for 15 passengers. And its area is no larger than that of a large limousine. This makes it means it can be used an make its way across the whole of a city. As a mobility on demand offer, it adds to traditional offers while offering new options at the same time. Users are no longer bound to inflexible timetables but can flexibly request an e.GO Mover via an app. The e.GO Mover makes local journeys without producing emissions, offers various connectivity services and the option to travel in a highly automated way. In this way, the e.GO Mover is preparing traffic for the future.

Traffic will be pooled Cities will be cleaner. And users can reach their destination in comfort, safety and stress-free.

The e.GO Mover is a universal expandable and versatile minibus, which can be equipped for local public transport as well as for private and commercial transport requirements.

The e.GO Mover can also be fitted with level 4 assisted driving functions.

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All technical data listed on this website and in documents are default values based on calculations. Subject to technical changes.

Motor150 kW motor system from ZF
Battery capacityUp to 60 kWh
Dimensions (L/W/H)4943 / 2016 / 2550 mm*
Standing room for5
Empty weight2100 kg
Operating durationUp to 10 hours
Possible automation stages0 or 4

* Height with A/C option: 2785 mm. The above-mentioned technical data are default values based on calculations. Subject to technical changes.